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How to Check Your Black Points on license in UAE

As the fastest developing countries in the world, UAE has introduced the Black Points system for a well-structured and organised road regulations system. In UAE, being a responsible driver is important and the black point system helps in minimising the traffic cases as well as in improving the road safety. This acts as a way to monitor and enforce traffic rules efficiently.

Having black points on your license affects driving privileges and cause severe restrictions. In UAE, it is necessary to always check the black points status for a secure driving practice. The process of checking and reducing the black points is very easy and it can be handled by the drivers without any trouble.

What are Black Points?

The Black Points system was initiated in 2008 by the RTA to punish those who repeatedly violate traffic rules and to ensure general road safety. These are strict penalties given for various traffic violations including over speeding or running a red light. 

Each time the driver violates the traffic rules they accumulate black points. When the driver exceeds a certain number of points, their license will be suspended or vehicle will be confiscated. The black points system also encourages healthy driving habits in the individuals.

Traffic authorities installed cameras to monitor any sort of traffic violations. If any driver commits any offense, within 48 hours the black points corresponding to that violation will be added to the drivers’ license. The driver will also be notified by the authorities through a SMS which helps in tracking the number of black points.

How to check Black Points in UAE?

One way through which people from any Emirates can check their black points is via Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) official website. To check the points, these are the steps:

  • Go to EVG website
  • Click on Driver from the Services tab
  • Login to your account

Once you have completed the EVG registration, by logging in to your account all the necessary details about the black points will be shown.

Validity of Black Points

Usually the validity of black points on the drivers’ record is for 1 year. Any points you received will remain on the license for this one year from the date of issuance.

But within a year if the driver collects more than 24 points, immediately the license will be revoked. The license suspension period ranges from 3-6 months. If the driver exceeds 24 black points for 3 times in a year, then their license will be suspended for a whole year.

How to check Black Points in Dubai?

It is possible to check the black points on license in Dubai online. For that follow the steps:

  • Visit Dubai police official website
  • Under services, select Traffic Services
  • Click on fine inquiry and payment
  • Enter your Number plate or License Number details
  • Click on Search

This will provide you all the details about the accumulated black points.

Similarly, you can physically visit the nearby police station and provide all the necessary information about the vehicle. This way you can inquire about the black points.

Traffic Violations and Black Points

The UAE government has introduced the black points system for ensuring safety to the people and punish those who recklessly commit the violations. The maximum limit of black points is 24 and if the number exceeds 24 immediately the license is suspended.

Depending on the severity of the traffic offense, the number of black points varies. There are rules that carry 4 points and 24 points.

Using vehicle without permission to carry or transport passengers as well as other dangerous materials can accumulate 24 black points.

If you are driving vehicle under alcohol influence, causing death in accident, exceeding maximum speed limit and causing other serious injuries while driving can charge 23 black points.

Jumping the red light, driving noisy vehicle, using the licence of a different vehicle and escaping from the traffic police accumulates 12 points to the driver.

Driving vehicle with no insurance and sudden deviation while driving can cause 4 points. If the driver exceeds maximum speed limit by 60 km and overtake from road shoulder can accumulate a total of 6 points.

Effects of having Black Points on License

In UAE, the driver gets black points for every traffic law that they are violating. Depending on the intensity of the violation the number of points also increases. When the point exceeds 24, the RTA takes the action by suspending the driving license or in some cases by confiscating the vehicle for certain duration. This time period varies depending on the number of times you have exceeded the maximum point limit.

If you are exceeding 24 black points for the first time, the license will be suspended for 3 months. If the same thing happens for second time, then the driving license will be suspended for 6 months. At the same time if the driver exceeds 24 points for the third time, the RTA will suspend the license for a whole year and you need to retake the driving lessons and appear for the test.

Methods to reduce black points

The black points are mainly associated with the driver’s license. Once you get the black points it is very difficult to remove them in UAE. Usually these points once received are valid for one year.

One of the easiest ways to reduce the points is to wait until the penalty period, i.e. 1 year and make sure not to accumulate more points.

Other ways to reduce the black points if you have accumulated 23 or less points include:

  • Special redemption programs are organised by the police departments of each Emirates that trains the drivers.
  • On public holidays and other special occasions like Ramadan, the traffic police department announces discounts to reduce the black points.
  • The traffic police departments of each Emirates provide different training classes and the drivers have to enrol in them to reduce the points. In Dubai, by attending such class can reduce 8 points.
  • Black Points Transfer System: On situations where the black points on your license are caused by someone else who drove your vehicle, then this system can be used to transfer the points on to the offender’s license.

To ensure a hassle free road regulation system, it is necessary that all the citizens must follow the traffic rules and practise healthy driving habits. The Black Points system helps in providing this safety to the citizens in UAE. Each time when a driver violates the law, black points are added on to his license. Therefore, they become more cautious and aware about the traffic rules thus abiding the laws.

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