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How to Check Huroob Status on Iqama Online?

Any foreigner who works in Saudi Arabia needs to constantly check their huroob status to get informed about their work status. An ex-pat worker is always sponsored by an employer and he is responsible of the worker. If the worker fails to come to work without any prior notice, the employer is supposed to inform the government and naturally refuses to take the responsibility of the worker. In such cases a huroob is issued in the name of the worker.

Checking Huroob status via MOL KSA website

  • Go to the MOL KSA official website
  • Select the preferred language
  • Enter either border number or resident number or passport number
  • Choose the nationality
  • Enter the captcha code
  • Click on research

This shows all the details about the work. If it displays ‘Absent from work’ under the work case, it means your Iqama status is huroob. On the contrary, if this page is not opened, then it shows that there is no huroob, i.e. your Iqama status is normal.

Huroob Status check through Absher

It is possible to enquire about the status via Absher portal. For that, you just need to log in to your account. If you logged in successfully, it means your Iqama status is normal while if you cannot log in, then you Iqama status has huroob. For logging in, follow the steps:

  • Visit Absherportal
  • Select your preferred language
  • On the corner of the homepage, there is a section for log in
  • Enter your username and password in the respective columns
  • Click on Log in

How is Huroob issued?

When the employee cannot attend their work schedules correctly and they fail to inform this to their employer or sponsor, the employer will report this absence to the Jawazat (General Directorate of Passports). If all the statements are proved to be true, the Jawazat shows Huroob on the employee’s Iqama status. Moreover they inform the police for further investigations and procedures.

What are the Issues related with Huroob?

Once huroob is issued, the person is denied of all the rights to stay in Saudi and is soon deported. They will not be provided any legal rights as a worker and cannot continue to work in the country anymore. Apart from not getting work, there are other complications associated with it. They will face many legal problems in the future, a huge loss of income and difficulty to get employed. Similarly, the person will be banned to enter the country for years.

What happens in case of False Accusations?

The Saudi government is giving equal rights to employees who are falsely accused by their employer. If the allegations against the employee are unfair or wrong, they could fight back to prove their point. Recently, filing a Huroob is not easy as it need to satisfy many requirements. Therefore the employer could never simply report their worker without relevant reasons.

Checking the status is important because if a person is declared huroob, he is not safe to stay in Saudi anymore. They could take measures to make amends if possible, if they could identify the status earlier. In the case of false accusations, they could prove their innocence. So with the online platforms, it is now easy to check or inquire about this in a matter of time.

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