How Muslim expats can sponsor 2 wives and children in UAE

The UAE government is offering expatriates the privilege to enjoy the country with their families. The expatriates residing in UAE who have valid residence visas or permits can sponsor their immediate family members.

Now the government has introduced new residence visa rules, where Muslim ex-pats can sponsor two wives and their children simultaneously if they abide by the terms and conditions set by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP). This is only for exceptional situations under strict guidelines.

What are the requirements?

  • Application form
  • Copy of the passport of the sponsor and the sponsored
  • Passport-size photo of the sponsored (wife and children)
  • Medical clearance certificate
  • Copy of husband’s employment or company contract
  • Attested marriage certificate
  • Registered tenancy contract
  • Salary certificate of husband
  • Valid work visa of sponsor

How to sponsor 2 wives at same time?

The new UAE visa rules have enabled Muslim ex-pats to sponsor two wives at the same time along with their children. To sponsor a spouse, the first and foremost condition is to submit the marriage certificate to prove the existing relationship. It is necessary that the certificate must be attested in Arabic or translated in Arabic by an authentic translator and it must be duly certified.

After that, you must provide the relevant documents and the application form, which can be submitted either online or via a registered typing centre. If all the requirements are satisfied, the visa will be issued and you can stay close to the family.

What are the conditions to sponsor children?

Apart from sponsoring 2 wives, the UAE government also permitted a father to sponsor his children. Unmarried daughters irrespective of their age can be sponsored by the father. Meanwhile, in the case of sons, there is an age limit of 25 years. In special conditions such as for education purposes, fathers can sponsor their sons who are above 25 years.

In the case of newborns, the father needs to get a residency permit within 120 days soon after the birth of the baby. Similarly, to sponsor the children of his wife’s previous marriage, the resident must attain a consent letter from the children’s biological father and a deposit for their security.

How is residency visa linked to the sponsor?

The residency permit of a family is linked to the residency permit of the sponsor, who is the head of the family. If the residency permit of the sponsor or family head is cancelled under any circumstances, eventually the permit of the family members will also be cancelled.

In such cases, the authority provides a 6-month duration to the family members to obtain a new residence permit or else they need to leave the country. This grace period starts from the date of expiration or cancellation of the permit.

Validity of the visa

The residency permit is valid for 1 year and the sponsor needs to renew the permit following the demands of the government. If they fail to renew, a fine is charged or the family member’s visa will be cancelled.

Sponsoring 2 wives simultaneously is a great opportunity for Muslim ex-pats in UAE. Even though they have to follow some strict conditions, this helps the family to stay connected and enjoy the opportunities provided by the UAE government.

To access this service, all you have to do is to follow the instructions provided by the ICP. Once approved the residency permit, never forget to renew them annually.

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