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How to get SIM card in Saudi Arabia on Visit Visa

Saudi Arabia is one of the fastest growing countries attracting millions. Anyone arriving in Saudi as a visitor or for Hajj & Umrah could easily maintain a stable communication with the help of the local SIM cards. For a visitor, it is necessary to buy a Saudi operated SIM card because other cards have high roaming charges and low data speed. Therefore to have better connectivity and communication, it is always advisable to buy a local SIM card and enjoy the services cheaply.

Saudi operated SIM cards

There are 3 main operators and 2 mobile virtual network operators. All of them are providing prepaid services which are very economical and easily available to the visitors. People could choose from a list of plans and is very affordable. The available SIM cards include:

STC- SAWA visitor

The Saudi telecom company offers SAWA visitor SIM cards specially designed for visitors. They are providing affordable packages starting with just 35 SAR which includes 120 local minutes, 2 GB of data and 3 week validity. They are one of the largest 4G/5G network in Saudi and most preferred prepaid SIM card of the visitors.


Their package starts at 34.5 SAR that includes 50 local minutes, 3 GB of data, 1 GB of social media data and a two week validity period.


They are providing the visitor package starting from 30 SAR.

Virgin Mobile

It is one of the famous virtual networks in Saudi. They are also operated on the network of STC.

Lebara Mobile

This is also a mobile virtual network operator in Saudi (MVNO).

Where can you buy them?

The 3 main operators i.e. STC, Zain & Mobily can be bought at the international airports (Riyadh, Jeddah, Medhina) in Saudi. Upon arriving at the airports, one could visit the respective SIM counters on the local area of the airport. After submitting the relevant documents and information, it will be issued on your passports.

Apart from the airports, one could purchase the SIM from any authorised mobile shops or shopping malls or SIM counters. But it is always preferable to get it from airport for the ease of the travellers. Most of the operators have their outlets in the airport premises. Virgin Mobile and Lebara Mobile are not available at the airport.

It is also possible to buy a SIM online from the official sites of the operators. But to activate them, you have to visit the respective centre with documents.

Documents needed

To avail the SIM card, the applicant must submit some documents. They include:

  • A copy of passport
  • Visa number/ border number
  • Another important aspect is to get the fingerprints of the applicant. Only after the biometric registration, the card will be provided.

In this way, Saudi is offering the best opportunity to the visitors. At affordable costs, people could access the services of different operators. Without any trouble, they could buy SIM cards online before arriving or at airports soon after arriving. If they could purchase there, other opportunities are available. They are giving the best data and talk time plans. Also, they are proving 4G/5G networks.  It is one of the best services visitors could access. Therefore, buying a SIM card is very useful and necessary for visitors to Saudi Arabia.

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