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How to open student bank account in UAE

Opening a student bank account is important for every international student in UAE. It is developed to carry out all the financial needs of the students and to manage their expenses.  Student bank offers several features and opportunities that help them to get many discounts and additional facilities. But the procedure for opening varies depending on the purpose and duration of education.

Banks for Opening Student Account

There are many banks in UAE which gives the opportunity to open a student bank account. Each bank is giving different schemes for the customers which give better opportunities. If they are of eligible age and has the relevant documents stated by the respective banks, they could easily open an account. Some of the banks are Emirates NBD, ADIB, Mashreq, SIB and etc.


  • Emirates ID
  • Proof of residency visa
  • Copy of passport
  • Proof of University student ID card
  • Copy of Visa
  • Passport –size photo

In the case of some banks, additional documents will be required.

Emirates NBD Youth Package

This is one of the first UAE bank that facilitated a student bank account and to open, apart from the standard requirements the applicant is supposed to submit a non-objection letter from the institution.

They are also providing the ‘Youth Package’ to all those who are above the age of 18. The only requirement is that the applicant must be working with a minimum salary of Dh5000. This account can be opened with no minimum balance. The applicant must have a valid UAE mobile number. It is possible that you can apply it online via Emirates NBD website or the Emirates NBD Mobile app.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB)

ADIB provides Student Savings Account and is eligible for students above the age of 12. Another feature is that there is no minimum balance required. They will give free ISIC prepaid for the holders which helps in all the transactions and other banking process. Here, if the applicant is below 18 years, the documents of the guardian have to be submitted. The eligible candidates could visit the nearest ADIB branch with the documents.

National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD)

It is offering 2 options to the students, either Student Savings Account or a Personal Student Current Account. The first one is for students between the age of 18-24 while the latter is for those between the range of 21-2 years.

Mashreq Bank

The bank provides a stable education loan with the facility for flexible repayment options.  This is a mobile banking. Mashreq Neo Savings account is for the students. By scanning your Emirates ID, one could easily create and enjoy all the banking features.

Emirates Islamic Student Bundle Package

They are offering an account which requires no minimum balance for students between the ages of 18-21. The package is called Student Bundle Package and is available to all the students in UAE. To open, the eligible applicant must visit any of the nearest branches of Emirates Islamic with the required standard documents.

Sharjah Islamic Bank (SIB)

SIB is offering Student Savings account, specially designed for students above the age of 18. Unlike other banks, this requires a minimum balance of Dh500. By visiting the any of the branches of SIB with the relevant documents, one could open their account.

SIB Digital Account

For students to open a secure bank account SIB is giving a chance through SIB Digital app available on App store and Play store. This is also a minimum balance account. To apply, first you have to install the app and register using Emirates ID. Once registered, upload a photo of yours and select the type of account: Current or Savings.

Later a card will be delivered to you via the courier executive and you are supposed to show the relevant documents for verification. The documents will be scanned and sent to the banks.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)

ADCB is providing Islamic University Student Account. This is applicable to students of age 18 years and above. The applicant must be a full time or part time university student with a minimum monthly balance of AED1500.

Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD)

CBD is offering the students CBD Digi Account which is accessible on CBD mobile app. Applicants who are 18 or above is eligible for this. After registering with CBD mobile app, the account will be activated.

With the help of these banks and the student policies they are providing, it is easy to open a bank account in UAE for international students. To manage their expenses and to get many discounts and scholarships, they are useful. There is no complication in opening a student bank account if you follow the instructions and is necessary if you are studying in UAE.

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