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How job recruiters choose employees in Dubai

As one of the most developing countries, UAE is giving numerous opportunities for both recruiters and employees. Only the best among the workers could get the chance and succeed. So it is necessary to understand and analyse the criteria with which the recruiters qualify the job seekers.

For example, job recruiters like Murad Ahmad started his career as an intern eighteen years ago and is now job recruiter. The journey of such talents is incredibly inspiring and they provide guidelines to the younger generation on how to be a good employee.

Why English is a necessary criteria?

To get the attention of recruiters it is always advised to know one more language other than your mother tongue. English has emerged to the status of a global language and one who knows the language grabs the attention. While dealing with people from different countries, it is best to know English, which is an added advantage to your qualification.

Never lose a chance

As a job seeker, one should always be attentive to the career opportunities around them. Whenever a chance comes, such as a job fair you must seize it and apply for it. Only if you experience the job interviews, you’ll get an idea about the patterns and do better next time. You may not be getting the finest position in the beginning. But if you continuously explore more opportunities, you could reach the desired title.

Dedication and Hard work takes you further

Even if the employee has all the qualifications, without dedication and passion they will not succeed in their job. One who is ambitious in his job and looks for the best always excites the recruiters. So dedication, hard work and passion of an employee in his job are something a recruiter always looks for in the process.

The burning desire to achieve something in your career helps you to withstand all the challenges. If you easily take a step back whenever a difficulty arises that leaves a negative impression on your career graph.

Continuous learning

For a recruiter, he looks for an employee who has a constant hunger to learn. One who does not grow in his career is of no use to the company and themselves. An employee must seek something new always and contribute to his job. This trait attracts the employer. A good employee is one who continuously seeks to learn and that along with great hard work gives great results.

Why success is called a 50-50 deal?

The success of an employee is a 50-50 deal. Not only the employee, but the employer must also contribute equally in the process. When a worker is hired by a company, they expect full commitment and hard work. At the same time, the employer or the company must provide suitable conditions and training for the growth of the employee. Such a mutual relationship from both parties helps in the development of the institution.

Recruiters are looking for someone who is so true to their job and can passionately dedicate themselves to their work. There will be challenges ahead, but one who can overcome them positively can achieve great heights. Such employees are demanded by the recruiters. Everyone is constantly learning something and that is a quality that excites the recruiters in the process of recruiting. If the employee gives his part, the rest will be provided by the company. Those who have these qualities will be selected by the recruiters.

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