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How to Apply for a KSA Family Visit Visa Online

The Saudi Arabian government is offering a great opportunity to its legal citizens and residents so that they could bring their family members on visit. Yes, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) introduced Family Visit Visa for the residents, especially to the immediate family members. With the online platform, the process is more accessible to the people. Only the legal citizens or residents with a valid Iqama can apply for this service.


  • Valid Iqama with at least 3-month validity
  • Valid passport of the applicant
  • Saudi National ID/ Visa of applicant
  • Proof of relation like Marriage or Birth certificate
  • Passport-size photo

Who is eligible?

Not every family member is eligible for the KSA family visit visa. The immediate family members such as spouse, children, parents, and parents’ in-law can easily get it. Similarly, grandparents, siblings and their family are also eligible.

What are steps to apply for KSA family visit visa?

With the MOFA online platform one could easily apply for family visit visa. It includes:

  • Go to MOFA website
  • Select the preferred language
  • Choose ‘Citizens and Residents’ service
  • Select Residents
  • Choose ‘Family Visit Visa Application For Residents’ tab
  • Click on Apply
  • Click on Login with ‘National Single Sign-On’ option
  • Login using your Nafath account.
  • If you don’t have Nafath, login using Username (Iqama) and Password. Now enter the OTP sent to your registered number.
  • After logging in, your MOFA profile will be displayed with certain details.
  • Now, enter information such as Saudi mobile number, address, email ID and etc.
  • Click on Save. All the data will be updated.
  • You are again redirected to the visa platform where you need to click on ‘Apply’ under the ‘Family Visit Visa Application For Residents’
  • In the column of ‘Visa Objectives’, enter ‘Family Visit’ in Arabic
  • Enter the Entry Visa Number
  • Click on Add option under ‘Wanted to Visit’
  • A form will be displayed where you have to enter all the details of the person for visit visa including personal, visa and passport details.
  • Press on Add
  • Now all the information of the person that we added will be displayed under ‘Wanted to Visit’. You could edit or delete the data if needed.
  • To add multiple visitors, again select Add and follow the process as mentioned above.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Click on Save

After filling the application form successfully, MOFA provides you with a reference number which is required to check the status of the visa. Once the form is saved, you can print or download the form both in Arabic or English.

Who can approve the application?

When the application is completed and printed, the next step is to get the approval i.e. to sign and stamp the document. Usually the application must be taken to the sponsor. In the case of government workers, you need to submit the application to the MOFA while for private employees, the Saudi Chamber of Commerce could approve the request. For domestic workers, they could get the approval via Absher portal.

How to check the status of Visa Application form?

One could easily check the application status through the MOFA portal. Under the Enquiry section, enter the Order number and Iqama number. Usually it takes almost a week or less to approve the application.

Once the visa is approved, you need to submit the documents to the Saudi embassy or Saudi Consulate of your home country for further procedure.

What is the cost?

The cost of both the single and multiple-entry family visit visa is 300 Saudi riyals.

Applying for a KSA family visit visa is a simple and hassle-free procedure because of the MOFA online portal. One could apply easily if they have the required documents and information. Also, even after applying it is possible to track the application. This helps to update the visa process and all this is done through online platform. So it saves the time of the applicant.


  1. How to get a Saudi visit visa for my family?
    The immediate family members of the legal Saudi residents or citizens can get the visit visa. For that, the applicant must be an Iqama holder with an Iqama profession. MOFA portal is offering a family visit visa and the eligible applicant needs to fill out an application form via the portal with the relevant documents.
  2. What is the cost of a family visit visa in Saudi Arabia?
    The family visit visa in KSA costs about SAR300 for both single and multiple entries. For extension, you need to pay additional fees (SAR100).
  3. How to check if the family visit visa is approved in Saudi?
    To check the approval status, follow the steps:
       Visit MOFA website
       Enter the Order number under the Enquiry section
       Enter the record number (Iqama ID)
       Fill in the captcha code
       Click on Enquiry
    This shows the status.
  4. How much is the cost of a Saudi visa from India?
    The cost for different types of Saudi visas is different. The KSA family visit visa costs around Rs.16000. For a consulate visa it is SAR300. In the case of business, it is SAR500 (multiple-entry), and SAR200 (single-entry). The cost for work, residency, transit, and student visa is SAR50. The Umrah and Hajj visa is free of cost.




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