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How to check Etisalat SIM balance

The biggest provider of wireless network services in the United Arab Emirates, Etisalat, debuted its 5G network in Dubai in 2017. With 154 million users, the business ranks 12th among global mobile network providers.

Checking Etisalat account balance involves mainly two types of balances: call balance and data balance. The Etisalat has prepaid and post paid account and the balance checking process in both are slightly different. But first you must know the difference between prepaid and post paid accounts.

In prepaid, the customers have to recharge the account in order to make calls or use data. At the same time, for post paid accounts the charges of the calls and data are billed at the end of the month.

There are mainly three ways to check your Etisalat SIM balance and they are as follows:

  • By Using USSD codes
  • Via My Etisalat app
  • By Using Etisalat self care portal

How to check Etisalat balance using USSD codes

etisalat balance check code

USSD codes are often shorter than phone numbers and unique to each operator so that users can quickly recall them. USSD codes is an offline way to check your balance, as it doesn’t require a smart device or an internet connection. It is important to keep in mind that in order for the USSD codes to function, you must only dial them using an SIM card. Some notable USSD codes are as follows:

  • *050#    – To display “deal of the day “offers
  • *101#    – To check promotions and prepaid offers
  • *100*mobile number*amount# and press ok:   For transferring credit to Etisalat number.
  • *140#: To check your post paid bill amount.
  • *121#: For checking main balance and bonus balance along with its validity.
  • *135*2*1: To check internet data usage and validity.

Later you will receive an SMS after you dial this code and hit the call button.

How to check your balance using My Etisalat UAE App

Etisalat operates in many countries; different apps are used in different places. In UAE , this app is used to check your balance. As it is an online method it requires internet data. The steps are as follows:

  • Download My Etisalat UAE app (Android & Apple)
  • Open  the app and log in to Etisalat account

Once you logged in, you can see your mobile number, main account balance, text balance, data using and validity on the dashboard.

You can check your post paid bill amount by following the same steps as above.

How to check your balance using Etisalat Self care portal

This is another type of online method to check your balance through an online portal called Etisalat Selfcare. It’s an easy method and user friendly app. Following are the steps to check your balance using Self care portal:

  • Etisalat Self care portal
  • Log into your account and if you are first user register an account
  • You can browse the website after logging in and check your data consumption, voice minutes and text message balances along with their validity.

You can use the same procedure to check the post paid balance.

Three methods described above are the main methods to check your Etisalat SIM balance in UAE. You can use it according to your comfort and interest.

How to recharge Etisalat Sim?

Being the national telecommunications operator of UAE, Etisalat offers several sim plans. To use the mobile communications and internet, it is necessary to recharge the sim. There are multiple ways to recharge Etisalat Sim. The mostly available online methods are:

  • My Etisalat UAE App (Android & Apple): Download the app and create an account. On this app you can recharge the number as well as view all the information about your number.
  • Autopay: To access autopay, the customer must register their credit or debit card. Then you must select an amount and pick a date. Automatically on that day the payment will be done.
  • Quick recharge: Log in to Etisalat quickpay. Enter the mobile number, amount to be recharged and the payment will be done using debit or credit card.
  • Etisalat online services: It is possible to recharge the Etisalat mobile account via online. Here you can log in and pay using debit or credit card.
  • Recharge cards & eVouchers: Buy an Etisalat recharge card or eVouchers, then you can recharge the sim by simply dialling *120*<card number>#.

Other recharge methods include:

  • Local credit transfer: You can transfer from a prepaid or post paid mobile account to another prepaid account by dialling *100*phone number*amount# and then press OK.
  • International credit transfer: Here you just need to text the international number to 1700.
  • Etisalat payment machines: There are number of Etisalat machines across UAE where you can recharge your prepaid account.
  • Banks: You can recharge the prepaid account using the bank’s ATM or via bank’s online banking, mobile banking and etc.

Etisalat Mobile Plans 2023

  • Etisalat Prepaid Plans

For prepaid users, Etisalat offers Wasel Flexi, Wasel Prepaid Line and Emirati Wasel plans. With these plans, you can enjoy variety of data and voice packages. They offer unlimited data plans, calling minutes and even free roaming minutes and data.

  • Etisalat Post paid Plans

Etisalat introduced New Freedom Live Flexi plans, Emirati Freedom plans and other New Freedom plans for post paid customers. With these plans, you will get free SIM, double data, free minutes, and etc. Visitor line: It is a prepaid pack available exclusively for the visitors of UAE. They offer loads of data, voice minutes and Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • Control line

This service is available in both post paid and prepaid users. They provide complete control of your monthly expenditure. You can choose or will receive a fixed monthly amount. Latest available plans are New Control Line Local and New Control Line Flexi.

  • Visitor Line

It is a prepaid pack which provides customers with loads of data and minutes. Latest plans are Prepaid Visitor Line Unlimited Local Data Plans (AED319/14 days and AED200/7days) and Prepaid Visitor Line Premium + AED200/month.

  • Roaming

This is specially made for frequent travellers. They can use the Etisalat number during travel and choose any plans.

How to check Etisalat data balance?

check etisalat balance

There are millions of people using Etisalat sim and it is necessary to check the internet balance frequently. There are different ways to check the Etisalat data balance for free. These include:

  • My Etisalat App (Android & Apple): Log in to the App and then go to Data Balance where you can find the data balance information.
  • Text DATA to 1010
  • Dial *170#
  • Dial *101#

How to check Etisalat International Minutes Balance?

To check the Etisalat international minutes balance, all you need is to text ‘usage’ to 1012. Or you can dial *10121#.

Etisalat Customer Care Number

If you have any issues or doubts regarding Etisalat, the UAE customers can contact at 101. It is a toll-free number and is available 24*7. In the case of users outside the UAE can contact with the number +971 800 2 300 for any queries related to Etisalat.

If you are an Etisalat user, prepaid or post paid, must be able to track their sim balance, both call and data balances frequently. Through the above listed methods one can easily and efficiently check the balance as well as recharge the sim.

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