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How to check if the Saudi visa is Original or Fake

Visa is one of the most official and legalised document. Checking its originality is necessary because there are many instances where people are been cheated. This happens mainly through the agencies. So, to check the genuineness of the visa is encouraged so that the customers could escape from such troubles. The Saudi government is providing the facility to inquire about the authenticity of the Saudi visa. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ (MOFA) online platform is giving the service.

How to check if Saudi Visa is genuine using Passport Number?

  • Go to MOFA visa platform
  • This page helps to find the visa details of the applicant and thereby check if the visa provided is original or fake.
  • Enter your passport number
  • Select your nationality
  • Choose the ‘Visa Type’. Saudi is offering different types of visa such as work, business, transit, student, Umrah, family and so on.
  • Select the ‘Visa Issuing Authority’. For example, if you are from India, there are two issuing authorities, New Delhi and Mumbai.
  • Enter the Captcha code
  • Click on Search

This takes you to the officially issued visa. Now you could see the Application number of your visa, photo and other details. You need to cross-check all the details and if the information is accurate, then the visa is genuine. Once you get the application number, you could further check the originality of the visa issued.

What are the steps to inquire if the Saudi visa is original or fake?

After getting the visa application number from the above mentioned procedure, it is possible to check the originality of the Saudi visa through the following steps.

  • Visit MOFA website
  • Select the preferred language
  • A Query section is shown of the homepage.
  • Select ‘Visa Application Number’ under Inquiry type
  • Enter your Visa Application number or MOFA number
  • Enter passport number
  • Type in the captcha code
  • Click on Search button.

This shows your visa. You need to check the photo, personal details provided as well the visa type to confirm whether it is original or fake.

How to check the originality of Saudi e-visa?

Because of many fraud cases, Saudi initiated e-visa. To check whether it is original or fake, you need to scan the QR code placed at the end of your e- visa. If you scan it, a website will be shown and by clicking it you will be taken to the MOFA portal which shows all the details of the visa. Now you can check the information with your physical e-visa for the confirmation. If the details are correct and at the end if ‘Valid’ is shown, then your visa is genuine.

Whenever you are travelling to Saudi, it is important to check the authenticity of your visa to avoid any kind inconvenience. Earlier Enjazit was used, but now everything related to visa are done via the MOFA website. It provides a simple yet effective service for the customers, so that they could easily access it from anywhere. With the required information, one could check the visa originality.

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